Afro Hair Salons in Berlin

Afro-textured Hair, often known as kinky hair, is the hair texture of people from Africa or of African descent. This hair type grows in a small, angle-like helix structure with each strand. The overall effect is that afro-textured hair appears denser when compared to straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

A person’s hair can have a variety of textures. It has been discovered that traditional afro-textured hair is not as densely condensed on the scalp as other follicle types. The average hair density of afro-textured hair was discovered to be around 190 hairs per square centimeter. This was much less than Caucasian hair, which has about 227 hairs per square centimeter on average.

If you are a black person residing in Berlin and are just wondering where to make or cut your hair, this post is for you. In this post, a couple of hair salons and shops that can cater to your afro hair needs are shared to allow black people to fix their hair in the capital city of Berlin.

Sophia Lenore

Sophia Lenore is a well-known famous hair and makeup artist based in New York City, who also provides beauty services in Berlin.

Sophia Lenore is an expert in the following areas:

  • Afro hairstyles (for both black men and black women)
  • Apply make-up
  • Nail manicure
  • manicures and pedicures
  • Makeovers (skincare)
  • Bodywork

Hair, cosmetics, and nail services are provided by true professionals at the Sophia Lenore Afro salon, and you will enjoy the greatest service in Germany for Afro hair and skin.

Malaika Hair

Every woman wishes for beautiful, full, and long hair. It emphasizes her attractiveness and boosts her self-assurance. A t Malaika Hair, they are specialists for Hair extensions. They guarantee flawless styles of hair with professional hair extensions and hair thickening, as well as high-quality extensions. With 100 percent Virgin European, Virgin Indian, Virgin Brazilian, Virgin Chinese, Virgin Malaysian, and 100 percent Remy hair, we offer a comprehensive choice of high-quality human hair extensions.

Weaving (weft), Brazilian (thread technique), micro-rings, skin weft (tape extensions), micro-rings weft, and bondings (welding) methods are all available in smooth, wavy, or curly forms and in all hair colors. Cornrows, dreadlocks, open braids, dreadlocks, permanent hair straighteners, and cosmetics are also available.

This way, they will be able to conjure up the exact hairstyle you desire.

They are the best to call, especially if you have unruly or thin hair. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate hairdo and giving you a new, youthful appearance.

Clip-in extensions, mono top wigs, lace front, and toupees, as well as hair extension accessories such as hair extension brushes, micro-rings, clips for clip-in extensions, pliers, keratin dissolvers, jewelry, and more, are all available in their additional collection.

For a successful and new look, use our persuasive hair and hairstyle service. You can schedule an appointment with them online, over the phone, or via email.

Martin’s Afro Style Shop

This is one of the best hair shops for men with Afro hair. It is located at Potsdamer Str. 189, 10783 Berlin, Germany. They cut and style boys’ and men’s hair. All you have to do is contact them or visit the address mentioned earlier.

Beauty – Option Afro Shop Berlin

African Goods Store is the industry in which Beauty – Option | Afro Shop in Berlin operates. The company’s headquarters are in Berlin, and the country where Beauty – Option | Afro Shop in Berlin is located is Germany. There is not much specific information on the company’s offer and products, so we recommend that you contact them by phone at +4917661961207. Beauty – Option | Afro Shop’s headquarters is situated in Berlin. If you wish to get in touch with them, head to Amendestraße 7, 13409 Berlin, Germany. To quickly reach the following address using GPS navigation, use the company’s geographic coordinates: 52.567533, 13.364907.

Afro Roots Beauty Shop

Trends are inextricably linked to aesthetics. The profusion of these tendencies might often be so overwhelming that you can’t find your way around them. With Afro Roots Beauty Shop, you won’t have any issues. They are your point of contact for personal styling that you are at ease with. Their store offers a diverse selection from which you can select according to your preferences.

They assist you in combining different goods and provide you with knowledgeable and comprehensive guidance at all times. Contact them for your hair essentials because they are always pleased and ready to assist you.

They’re located at Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 553, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Ebony and Ivory

This is an afro hair salon that specializes in relaxers, texturizers, cutting, and coloring for all hair textures. You may contact the Salon if you have any questions. They are located at Potsdamer Str. 158, 10783 Berlin, Germany.

Binta’s Hair Braiding Art

Binta’s sells hair extensions, hair products, musical instruments such as djembes, ballafong, masks, accessories, African dresses, and much more. Binta opened her first afro hair salon in Berlin in 2001.

Binta and her crew have been a bright part of the Berlin beauty world for nearly 20 years. They are located at Kreuzbergstrasse 31, 10965 Berlin, Germany.

Afro Lydia Hair Salon

Afro Lydia Hair Salon has been providing unique and exotic hairstyling that has thoroughly enchanted our consumers since 2010. They feel obligated to provide professional service and great customer assistance to all of our Berlin customers.

Furthermore, our Berlin clientele is kept up to date on the most recent styles and procedures.

Their hairdressing techniques will constantly provide you with something unique and intriguing.

They are always available to answer your inquiries and meet your requirements at any time. o not hesitate to contact them on their office phone or postal address during business hours.

Afrolydia is passionate about providing excellent customer service. AfroLydia is trained in this profession and teaches hair coloring and treatment classes. It is located at Goebenstrasse 7, 10783 Berlin, Germany.

All these hair shops have their opening hours and methods of operation. The best way to find out is by visiting their websites/pages or calling for more information.

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