African Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is a one-of-a-kind city. It is a location known for drawing the most irreverent of souls, with its joyously open areas and never-ending nightlife attracting fun-loving people.

It is popularly believed that no one in Berlin is a native Berliner. As a result, a long-established African community is forging a strong Berlin culture among the city’s evolving multicultural environment. While some Africans settled in prior to World War I, and some students came for study in the postwar period, the majority of Afro-Germans settled in Teutonic lands after the 1970s and 1980s. Some were refugees fleeing internecine warfare; others came on their own accord, seeking economic opportunities.

It is believed that the population of Afro-Germans in Berlin is about 36,414, which is about 2% of the city’s population. Due to the growing community of black Africans in Berlin, there are a number of African restaurants in Berlin to cater to the taste-buds of Africans in Berlin, and Non-Africans who wish to try African cuisine.

Here, in no particular order, are the Best African Restaurants in Berlin:

Ebe Ano:

This is one of the best African restaurants in Berlin and it means “where it happens”, in the Igbo language. It is a traditional Nigerian restaurant in Berlin, located at Bamberger Street, 49, 10779 Berlin. Authentic, special Nigerian and West African dishes are usually on the menu. You can also rent the space for your birthday party or any event you want to organize. They also offer you the choice to order their catering for your private celebrations. With Ebe Ano, you can experience a culinary journey to West Africa.

Pan African Restaurant:

This is an African restaurant in Berlin, located at Kirchhofstraße 41, 12055 Berlin, Germany. Pan African Restaurant offers food and from all parts of the African continent! Including tasty vegan, vegetarian, and meat menus. If you are a vegan in search of African food, you should try this restaurant. If you are a meat-lover, they also have amazing menus for you. The depth of the color gives booming energy to some strong and exquisite African artwork. The Restaurant walls and archway features are painted Nigerian-flag green, which is appropriate. The restaurant has 26 items on its menu, with an average price of 10 €. This restaurant’s average rating is 3.5, indicating that the vast majority of its customers were pleased with its service.

Langano Restaurant:

It is a family-style Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin, where you can enjoy a variety of Ethiopian dishes in the midst of your loved ones. It’s always more enjoyable to share with others. Where you get to sit around a table, chat, and eat, with the main food tray in the center. The variety of Berlin dining experiences is enriched by finger-licking goodness. Nothing beats a giant injeera, otherwise known as a sour pancake, with various savory mounds of food that you scoop up with the injeera and, of course, your fingers. It is located at Kohlfurter Str. 44, 10999 Berlin, Germany.

Blue Nile Restaurant:

The Blue Nile Restaurant serves East African dishes and allows you to savor the flavors of East Africa. You can sample Ethiopian cuisine and, if you’re inclined, participate in a traditional coffee ceremony.  

Start your meal at the Blue Nile Restaurant with a simple appetizer. For example, the mixed salads and hot soups. Following that, Ethiopian traditional main meals are served. In East African cuisine, beef plays a significant part. It’s served uncooked with cheese and veggies, thinly cut. Roasted beef specialties are also available, which are heavily seasoned with chili and garlic. Creamy stews like Siga Wot with paprika sauce and Gored with pepperoni are outstanding. Like in East Africa, you eat them with sour Injera flatbread and push the bits into your mouth. Chicken and lamb versions of these treats are also available. Order vegetarian foods such as red lentil, pea, kale, or white cabbage stews if you don’t want to consume meat. At the Blue Nile Restaurant, vegan platters are also available. Authentic Ethiopian coffee, as well as beautiful red and white wines from South Africa, are among the beverages available.

Nil Sudanesischer Imbiss:

Meat is usually served, however, vegan options are available. Falafel with peanut sauce, madagaskar tofu pita, falafel salad beans, and fried maniok are all vegan choices. It’s a tidy environment. Concerning what inspired this restaurant, the founder had this to say; “We want to further develop classic African cuisine. In Sudan, we see again and again that traditional cuisine is not developing there. I also try to accommodate European tastes with my dishes.” 

In order to eat indoors in most German districts after October 2021, persons must show confirmation of immunization, recovery, or a negative Covid-19 test. Call ahead to confirm availability, hours, and rules. Open from 11:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

Muday – Äthiopisches Restaurant:

This African restaurant in Berlin is worth a visit if you want to spend a fun evening with your friends eating African cuisine. Muday Ethiopian Berlin is a fine restaurant with a variety of African food on its menu for you to pick from. Having a delightful meal in this cozy and nice restaurant with loved ones and their welcoming staff will make your visit a memorable one. When the weather is nice, their gorgeous outside space is very welcoming. 

Their vegan and vegetarian dishes, which are meticulously prepared and demonstrate the vast variety of cuisines available, are extremely popular. You’ll be astonished at how many options there are for treating yourself to delicacies while still keeping an eye on your health. If you want to enjoy their dishes at home, you can request them to be delivered to you. Private celebrations are also possible at the venue. It is located at Grünberger Str. 33, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Sahara Imbiss Restaurant:

This restaurant is located at Ebersstraße 74,10827 Berlin, Germany allows you to enjoy their vegan, vegetarian, and other Sudanese specialties at their restaurant, or have them delivered straight to your doorstep. 

You can also choose from a variety of cult chickpea ball combinations. 

Tamiya Falafel, Halloumi Fried Cheese, Kofta / Kofte Meatballs, Chicken, and Fried Vegetables (Magali).

Bantabaa Food Dealer Project:

This may not sound like a restaurant but it is actually one. This African restaurant in Berlin is located at Wrangelstraße 82, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin, began in the Görlitzer Park area in 2015, with the aid of public workers and West African refugees. When they fled to Europe, the West African refugees brought their traditional cuisine with them, which they now provide as part of this snack and kitchen venture. The extremely flavorful soups are among the restaurant’s favorites. Coconut milk, tomatoes, okra, spinach, and peanut paste, for example, are used to make these. Many of these items are available as vegetarian or vegan options at the Bantabaa Food Dealer Restaurant. A lavish West African dinner, on the other hand, contains rice. It’s served with crispy fried fish and is as spicy as Benechin or Jollof variations. Crispy chicken is also popular, served with rice or Domoda stew made with peanuts. Yassa onions fried in oil, manioc, and plantains are also popular side dishes. Fruity cocktails can also be mixed at the Bantabaa Food Dealer Restaurant.

Tembo African Restaurant and Bar:

This restaurant owned by Kenyan Sharifa Muthoni Wangari is a fantastic East African restaurant located at Danckelmannstraße 20, 14059 Berlin, Germany. They serve Kenyan and East African Swahili cuisine, and they specialize in slow foods, which means their meals are freshly prepared and might take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to cook. 

It is recommended that you reserve your meals ahead of time to prevent long waits. They have a spare room on the underground floor. 

You can also request that the location be reserved for your own events and parties, provided that you follow the COVID 19 guidelines.

Tzom – Eritrean Food:

This Berlin’s Eritrean restaurant is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant. 

Traditional Eritrean cuisine is served in a warm and welcoming environment. It is cozy and nice. This African restaurant is situated at Dieffenbachstraße 69, 10967 Berlin, Germany. 

Although it is a small space, you can still go with a couple of friends to enjoy tasty and finger-licking meals. They also offer catering services, street food & events.

Visit any of these African restaurants to grace your taste buds with spicy and delicious African meals from all over the region, right in Berlin!

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